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Leadership and the Bottom Line

Michael Gallagher, .

Canadian flag with business peopleBack in the 1970s, George Graen and colleagues developed the leader-member exchange (LMX) theory, which emphasized the importance of “dyadic” relationships between a leader and his/her subordinates rather that the leader’s personal traits, as had traditionally been the focus of academic studies. They found that high-quality, one-on-one relationships, leader to leader, and the “subordinate dyad” led to better performance, lower turnover, job satisfaction, and greater commitment to the organization.

Leadership Development – Small Businesses Outscore Big Corporations

Michael Gallagher, .

happy storeownersWe have been discussing the 2011 Global Leadership Forecast, a survey conducted by Development Dimensions International (DDI). This large scale survey, encompassing thousands of respondents in 74 countries, revealed dissatisfaction among Canada’s business community in the efficacy of their leadership development programs. One interesting statistic gleaned from the Canadian Highlights report is that just 32 percent of companies with over 10,000 employees reported that their development programs were highly effective. By contrast, 44 percent of businesses with less than 500 employees felt their programs were highly effective. Why the discrepancy?