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Managing Expectations in the Business Coaching Process

Michael Gallagher, .

Though business coaching has expanded in recent years, and companies ranging from multinational corporations to small and medium enterprises have taken advantage of the process, myths and misconceptions still linger. One of the most common is that coaching is nothing more than a backhanded way to tell people what to do. This couldn’t be further from the truth. What I want is to help you help yourself run the business as effectively as possible. This starts with managing expectations – not telling you what to do.

What is the Most Important Part of My Business Plan?

Michael Gallagher, .

GPS system in a carThe Business Plan

So how does a static, written plan work when a business is always in motion? It works when you turn your plan into planning. A plan is like a parked car; planning is taking that car on a trip.” Forbes

We develop a business plan, based on the goals and objectives of the clients. By itself, it is quite useless. It is implementing that plan that matters. To that end, the structure of the business plan is important because it directly facilitates action that will deliver results.

I Need Help Implementing My Business Plan

Michael Gallagher, .

Julie King, co-founder and publisher of writes, “A business plan is a snapshot of the essence of your business, capturing your vision. Your greatest expectations. Your dreams… too often planning stops with the written document.” A Deloitte Touche study found that 90 percent of business strategies are not implemented effectively. All the work of planning is wasted, along with your company’s time and money, when the plan is not put into action.

When Ego Gets in the Way

Michael Gallagher, .

businessman pulling off shirtA little ego is necessary in the business world.  After all, people with the entrepreneurial spirit aren’t renowned for great humility or meekness. They are known for the drive to take an idea and deliver a fascinating product or innovative service.  They are known for their fierce dedication and for the long hours they put in. Ego is a sense of self, of identity, which is crucial in our incredibly competitive business world. Ego is necessary – but a little goes a long way!