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Going Beyond Reports

Michael Gallagher, .

stack of reportsWhy are so many consultants enamored of reports?  Don’t let them fool you: it’s because they’re easy.  Don’t think so?  Ask a teacher what kind of work her students prefer: do they like to read and discuss pieces and do creative assignments or do they like to do worksheets?  The intuitive answer is the creative projects, but most students prefer filling out boring worksheets because it is easier.  It requires much less effort, concentration, and interaction.  It doesn’t require that you be engaged.  And the report is the consultant’s version of a worksheet.  Some set themselves to autopilot and churn out reports that mean very little for the success of your business.  You deserve more than a cookie-cutter, worksheet, busy-work approach.

Benefits of Hiring a Consultant to Help with Your Business Plan

Michael Gallagher, .

Dad teaching his son to driveOf course you should be reading this with a grain of salt: a consultant telling you why you should hire a consultant. But remember back to when you were learning how to drive; you didn’t know what you didn’t know. You didn’t consider that when you shift before you stop completely, you’re ruining your transmission, or that when the breaks squeal, it means that you should change the pads, not turn up the music. You needed an experienced driver to say, “Hey, consider doing this,” or “Stop!” This, in a nutshell, is the benefit of having a consultant help you with your business plan.

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know…

Michael Gallagher, .

man on chair in fieldYou know you are a consultant if… you can carry on a five minute conversation about data warehousing.  Then you ask what it means…

There is the exceptional consultant out there who has mastered the art of knowing absolutely nothing about your business, and yet is an expert.  They talk about best practices, core competencies, deliverables, value propositions, and then they want to go offline and talk about it some more.  While hiring a consultant can mean the difference between working towards long-term success and succumbing to the intense pressures of today’s business world, it can also be an exercise in frustration and futility.