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Small Business Owners: How to Effectively Communicate Your Vision

Michael Gallagher, .

Learning to communicate effectively in the workplace is easy. Get yourself a Netflix account and stream The Office season 1 through 6. Now, good communication doesn’t happen overnight; it will take at least several nights to watch every episode. After that, though, you should be fine; you’ll be ready to tackle negotiations and employee relations with aplomb. On second thought, don’t do that. Do the opposite of that. The show does serve a purpose though; it shows us that gaffes do happen; people make faux pas. It’s just not as funny in real life!

It’s All About Communication

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Man at a whiteboardIt is said, rightly, the most important aspect of a relationship is communication, and the same of course is true in business. Communicating is crucial, whether creating a clear vision of your company for investors and clients or instructing employees in proper procedure. It can also be one of the more difficult aspects of business; just like in a relationship, it’s not really just what you say that matters – it’s how you say it. You may think it’s a good idea, for instance, to tell your partner, “You look fine,” but as we have all experienced, that probably doesn’t mean the same thing to her (or him) that it does to you.

Communicating Value

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Business isn’t run quite the same way as relationships; it would be interesting, though, if we had to create a value proposition in order to ask someone for a date.  We would have to provide a concise summary of why that person would possibly want to go out with us, why we are the best choice, and what we can offer that other people cannot.  We might throw in some numbers on the percentage of fun we anticipate or probability of a second date.  On second thought, maybe running a business is a lot like a relationship.

Communicating Value – Best Practices

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Woman and a speak bubbleIn our last post, we talked about some common obstacles businesses face when communicating the value to clients. They all boil down to being confident in what you have to offer as much as your ability to convey that, with equal confidence, to clients and customers.  Today, we’ll talk about how to overcome some of these stumbling blocks.

It has been said that Apple’s real value proposition is not in the actual products or technology they produce, but in their ability to blend that technology seamlessly into everyday life.  The true value is not actually in the product or service; it’s in Apple’s uncanny ability to convince people that they cannot do without it, that there is value in having an Apple product that goes beyond the actual device or gadget.