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How Effective is Your Leadership Development?

Michael Gallagher, .

If you were to ask your management and human resources teams about the efficacy of your internal leadership development programs, what would they reply?  The Global Leadership Forecast 2011 asked just this to thousands of participants from 74 countries.  If Canada’s highlights could be summed up in a sentence or two, it might well be, “Meh, it’s ok.  Could be better, could be worse.”  Hardly a resounding endorsement; in fact, the tepidity of the responses is what is, perhaps, so startling about the results.  Where is leadership falling short?

Communicating Value – Best Practices

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Woman and a speak bubbleIn our last post, we talked about some common obstacles businesses face when communicating the value to clients. They all boil down to being confident in what you have to offer as much as your ability to convey that, with equal confidence, to clients and customers.  Today, we’ll talk about how to overcome some of these stumbling blocks.

It has been said that Apple’s real value proposition is not in the actual products or technology they produce, but in their ability to blend that technology seamlessly into everyday life.  The true value is not actually in the product or service; it’s in Apple’s uncanny ability to convince people that they cannot do without it, that there is value in having an Apple product that goes beyond the actual device or gadget.

Employee Recognition: How Much Is Too Much?

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handsRecognizing the efforts of employees is a key component of keeping them engaged. Positive recognition is an indicator of a positive and collaborative organizational culture. Leaders need to ensure they are recognizing not only the employee but also their work and their opinion. The most important part of recognition is that it be sincere, specific and directed towards the individual rather than a group or team.

Developing an Employee Recognition Program

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clapping handsTELUS Communications, a leading Canadian telecommunications company, was named one of Canada’s best employers in 2011. In fact, TELUS’s employee recognition program has been recognized as one of the most effective in the country, earning the Recognition Professionals International (RPI) Best Practices Overall award for their innovative Bravo program. Kendra Innes, leader of TELUS’s recognition team, says, “Providing valued and meaningful recognition, both formal and informal, is key to capturing the discretionary efforts of our employees. It encourages them to do the right things for customers at the right time, ultimately increasing shareholder value.”