Employee Recognition: How Much Is Too Much?

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handsRecognizing the efforts of employees is a key component of keeping them engaged. Positive recognition is an indicator of a positive and collaborative organizational culture. Leaders need to ensure they are recognizing not only the employee but also their work and their opinion. The most important part of recognition is that it be sincere, specific and directed towards the individual rather than a group or team.

Human Capital Management: Have You Forgotten Something?

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people in an office environmentMany business owners neglect one of the most important components of leadership; employee engagement. There are 4 steps in the business growth process: plan, train, engage and impact. The third piece – engagement – is the one that some companies seem to miss. They may do all the other people tasks such as providing position descriptions, outlining performance objectives and developing performance management programs, but by overlooking this critical element of leadership, a huge gap is created in the forward momentum of their business. It doesn’t matter what the leadership role; it’s about how the leader responds to and engages with their employees. Managing people is the critical element; it is the part that makes businesses work.

Engage or Pay the Price: Disengagement Can Be Costly

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Turnover graphicOften what appears as engagement may in fact be hiding a lack of critical skills in another area. Recently, I was invited to be a coach in a company where a senior manager seemed to be making great progress. Upon looking deeper into his behaviour, it was discovered that his communication skills were lacking. He seemed to be good at giving direction, but because there was no follow through conversations, there was really little communication between the manager and his staff. The appearance of engagement hid the reality of disengagement from his employees.

The symptoms of disengagement are sometimes hard to diagnose. The following are three key indicators that staff are really not committed to a manger/supervisor and that the issue may clearly be a case of ineffective management.

Sales Team Management

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group of business peopleThere are three essential elements of business management; product delivery, revenue development, and financial administration. The process of managing your sales function impacts one of these directly and influences the other two significantly.

Our “Sales Management Difference” program clarifies and directs the outcomes critical to your success by focusing and developing for:

  • need
  • role
  • function
  • skills
  • application
  • growth

The following articles describe our development philosophy, training capacity, and how we can help your business achieve more of its potential.

Developing effective sales management can be a challenge. If you would like to discuss your objectives please contact us.

Business is Growing! What to Watch For Now

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woman at whiteboardCongratulations! You’re in the enviable position to which all entrepreneurs aspire. Sales are up, you need to hire people, life is good. But of course there are key elements to effectively manage this growth.

“Knowing what needs to change and what you yourself need to stop doing is critical to your ongoing success!” In his book, “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There“, Marshall Goldsmith discusses the need to learn and adopt new skill sets even as you are achieving success. You wouldn’t expect to be doing the same work if you received a promotion in another job. In the same way, the demands of your growing business have just promoted you out of your smaller business and the job has changed. Managing more ….. more production, more customers, more supply chain, more employees is very different from your previous role. Knowing what needs to change and what you yourself need to stop doing is critical to your ongoing success!

What Questions Should Your Business Plan Answer?

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cannonSun Tzu said, “The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought. The general who loses makes but few calculations beforehand.”

It’s not a stretch to say that business is a battleground; and if you’re not prepared, you’re going to take more fire than you should. Your plan is your strategy, it’s your blueprint, your Intel, your logistics, your general. It is an answer for your most pressing questions.

A viable business plan is connected both to the overall vision and objectives of the company and to its daily functioning. It is both macro and micro.