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stack of reportsWhy are so many consultants enamored of reports?  Don’t let them fool you: it’s because they’re easy.  Don’t think so?  Ask a teacher what kind of work her students prefer: do they like to read and discuss pieces and do creative assignments or do they like to do worksheets?  The intuitive answer is the creative projects, but most students prefer filling out boring worksheets because it is easier.  It requires much less effort, concentration, and interaction.  It doesn’t require that you be engaged.  And the report is the consultant’s version of a worksheet.  Some set themselves to autopilot and churn out reports that mean very little for the success of your business.  You deserve more than a cookie-cutter, worksheet, busy-work approach.

Our work is not about reports… it’s about:

We add the expertise to make this happen.  We get into the mix.  Our specialty is providing in-depth information and guidance for your business so you can achieve goals in both the short- and long-term.  This isn’t an ethereal, abstract claim; it is a measurable, assessable, concrete promise.

The most effective training and consultation includes follow-up.  Without this, implementation many times suffers.  We are able to work with clients to implement and maintain focus on the plan.  No one else does this.  Why do we?  Because that is what you need to ensure that your business does more than survive.  We want you to thrive.  Anything less than that is unacceptable to you and to us.

Implementing some of the ideas mentioned here can be challenging. If you would like to discuss them in the context of your own specific business please contact us. We’d be glad to help.

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Michael Gallagher

Mike Gallagher, President of Michael Gallagher Advisory, has spent the past 20 years helping small business owners and managers develop and implement strategic business plans, achieve sustainable, targeted growth and solve the problems that keep them up at night.